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Nantucket Sea Scallops

(Pectin magellanicus)

Catch Method: Dredge

Retail: 1lb.+     Wholesale: 10 lb., 25 lb. & 36 lb.

Availability:   Year-Round

Harvest Area: Within 50 miles of Nantucket

Nantucket Sea Scallops are hand shucked at sea and landed within 24 hours of harvest.  They are available is sizes from U-10 to 20/30 count per pound.


The thing that makes our scallops fresher than the rest is our location twenty six miles out to sea.  Scallops that are landed in ports such as New Bedford, MA require an additional twelve hours or more for the boats to reach the fishing grounds.


Our fresh sea scallops are never soaked and there are no preservatives or chemical added.  The Nantucket Sea Scallop is guaranteed to be the freshest sea scallop you will ever taste.

We Ship Fresh Nantucket Sea Scallops Anywhere in the USA!

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