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Sayle's Nantucket Clam Chowder

Fresh Nantucket Quohaug (Co-Hog) Chowder Base


1 Pint (16 fl. oz.) $3.50 or ½ Gallon (64 fl. oz.) $10.


Ingredients: Potatoes, Quahaugs, Water, Clam Broth, Flour, Onion, Margarine, Salt & Pepper


To Serve: Add one cup (per pt) or one quart (per hg) of cream, heat in double boiler over medium heat, season to taste, stir occasionally until hot.


Shelf Life: 14 Days / Keep Refridgerated!

If frozen keep frozen until ready to use


We Ship Our Clam Chowder Anywhere in the USA Over Night with FEDEX!

Nantucket Quahog (Co-hog) Chowder is made by Sayle’s Seafood on Nantucket Island.  In 1970 our chowder was originally cooked in Charlie and Kathleen Sayle’s home at 114 Washington Street.  It was made with local ingredients including, quahogs hand caught by Charlie and freshly shucked & potatoes grown on Nantucket to create this delicious chowder.


In the mid 1970’s as this business out grew home production, it was moved down the street to Charlie Sayle’s retail/wholesale seafood store at 99 Washington Street where a new kitchen was built to accommodate more satisfied customers.  At this time it became evident that there just weren’t enough quahogs available on the island to supply the rapid growth of the chowder business.  It became necessary to purchase large quantities of quahogs from the mainland in order to produce the same quality chowder, at an economic cost.


This famous Nantucket Quahog Chowder has come a long way since 1970.  Now it is produced under HACCP standards, it’s still made with the same family recipe including  potatoes and the finest quahogs available. Now it is available across the United States via next  day air.  Freshly made it has a shelf life of two weeks.  Most summer guests on the island who have tried this famous (no preservatives) Nantucket Quahog chowder always leave the island with some or make arrangements for it to be shipped to them.

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